Carpet Cleaning Company Case Study

The Exact Strategies We Use To Consistently Generate Over 100 Enquiries A Month For Carpet Cleaning company.

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6 Months

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1. Background

Our client is a leading US-based Carpet cleaning company specializing in using a cleaning process utilizing 75% less water than traditional steam cleaning, drying carpets within hours rather than days. They use an all-natural, green-certified cleaning solution that prevents the growth of mold and mildew under the rug, making them the choice of over 1000+ clients in the past two decades.

2. Objective

In recognition of the potential to attract new business online, the client sought to increase his online visibility and attract new customers.

3. Our Approach

Our SEO team quickly pinpointed our client’s pain points during a detailed introduction call, and we acquired a swift understanding of what exactly their customers are searching for. Based on what we learned, the following challenges required strategic resolution:
  • Identifying keywords used by potential customers
  • Optimizing the website technically and making it more user and performance oriented.
  • Rebuilding product/services classification
  • Customer engagement strategies

4. Our Solutions

Revamping their existing website

While building a clean website, one of the first things we did was implement a customer review right on the homepage to build trust. References to past clients also helped to establish trust further down the page. It was also crucial that an inquiry form was provided on their homepage to help increase customer inquiries.

Product classification

Our client had a variety of products like stain extinguishers, odor removers, carpet deodorizers, etc., listed on their website. The products displayed to customers were based on the climatic conditions of the city they picked.

Engagement strategies

In their marketing strategy, the client was strictly focused on SEO. But, it was also necessary to make the website find the customers in addition to customers finding the website. Thus, to cater to customers from all angles, strategies like SEO, PPC, writing engaging blogs, marketing by YouTube influencers, etc., were equally emphasized by us.
Client's Benefit

Results Speaks

Since Webometry took over this client’s marketing, they’ve been able to improve their positioning in their niche by leaps and bounds. Some of the major highlights of these improvements include:
As a leading digital marketing company in India, we strive to maintain this performance of our clients.
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